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Neo + Kenner Blythe Doll

Annabel Lee Dress – Ivory


This Victorian style dress is a spin off of “Melancholy Dearest”. Dolly was digging through her great, great, great grandma dolly’s (she can’t remember how many “greats”) attic and came across another gorgeous dress. “Oh my! There is another one? This one is so dramatic!” The dress bodice has a fine fit with darts, a [...]

Neo + Kenner Blythe Doll

Distressed Denim Underbust Corset


The girls at Squeaky HQ fell hard for this distressed denim corset, they laughed as they watched me Dremel and distress away with each tiny little corset.


Like many other SqueakyMonkey Ready To Wear pieces - the Tartan Special pleated mini skirt is a solid wardrobe staple.