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In case you didn’t know. SqueakyMonkey has taken to the road and creating unplugged with solar power! I will be traveling around the western part of the United States and creating in nature with the power of the sun! Shipping can be a bit delayed as I am often in the middle of nowhere and most of my internet access is just my phone. Sometimes, there isn’t any cell reception. I try not to stay in areas where I can’t be reached by email.

Please remember that I am only one person and I do the best I can. I am working in different conditions these days, no 1200 square feet; more like 20! It’s a challenge. SqueakyMonkey started in a studio apartment in Hollywood, California in 2003! That was small!!!

Find me on Instagram and follow along. Since I am a lone female traveler, I need to keep my exact current location private. If you want me to come to your town, drop me a note through the contact form. I have a bucket list of states to visit! ❤️❤️

Tulip Tequila Sunrise Micro Baby Doll Dress set

The final design of the dress and stockings have bows on the front. Please let me know if you would prefer it plain.

Underneath this colorful micro dress is a yellow raw edged micro petticoat that makes it even more like a flower. The dress layers beautifully with the Buttercup yellow Decadence Blouse and since it is so short, I strongly recommend a pair of micro bloomers in Buttercup yellow to finish it off.


Dapper Darling in Tweed



This new creation has been a long time coming. The pieces are very versatile with previous SqueakyMonkey pieces as well as mix and match with other designers. I have more in the works that will coordinate with this timeless set. The set includes an intricate pinafore overlay that is gathered in at the waist instead of using darts. It creates a unique texture and form. Resting just above it is a delicate piece of lace from Singapore and a tiny burgundy bow at the top. The pinafore closes in the back with either tiny buttons or beads and loop closures.

The knickerbockers are really fun and versatile. They are very wide and more dramatic than your standard “knickers” (no, not underpants my English dollies.) The knickers ride very high nearly to the chest with a thick waistband. For a nice flat finish, I have chosen velcro closures. I wanted to do bead and loop closures, but it was too hard to keep closed with the curve of the back.

The ruff blouse is made of a gorgeous white cotton with a raw edged ruff collar and billowing sleeves that end with elastic around the wrist (please note that I have improved on the design and have the elastic above the cuff end). It closes in the back with 2 snaps. I have a new blouse design in the works that will come in the next installment of the Dapper Darling Collection.

I hope you like this new design as much as I do.

Dearest Vanessa – Tea Stained Ivory


Dearest Vanessa was found in a footlocker in an abandoned warehouse along the Thames. A dress with a soul of her own and stories to tell. How could such a dress be left behind in a place like this and who was the special dolly that it belonged to? The only clues to the mystery is a letter left behind which begins with “Dearest Vanessa”.

Let’s start with the tulip shaped pinafore corset bodice that hugs the torso like a glove. The neckline is very special on this dress with a gorgeous lace that is reformed into a sensual overlay that covers the chest and flows up over the shoulders. It’s so beautiful! A delicate tiny bow is centered on the chest.

The textured striped ivory fabric is a heavier weight fabric that retains its shape and doesn’t require a petticoat for fullness. The attached skirt is an amalgamation of previous ideas. The base fabric is cut longer in the back and it also has a trio of gorgeous gathers that create a wonderful depth to this little work of art and has a lovely laced hemline (lace may vary slightly) and is dipped in tea. The dress closes in the back with a tiny zipper.

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