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Lady Grey Wolf

Hand Wash if necessary. Do not iron corset, sculpted skirt, or bow!!! Synthetic Materials and Cotton linings.

Dolls, stockings, ivory blouse, ivory skirt, and boots not included in sale.


The first in the SqueakyMonkey Winter Collection “Victorialand”.  Lady Grey Wolf is a little work of art.

It starts off with a soft earth and sky toned striped corset blouse with a faux fur collar, hand dyed Japanese trim at the bottom, fitted darts in the front and closes up the back with tiny Japanese lace through 10 eyelets (eyelet and ribbon color may vary). You can also wear it backwards for the laces to be in the front. How cool is that?

The skirt is a tiny sculpture. The skirt is lined with a soft mushroom colored cotton and for a nice flat and adjustable fit around different doll waists, it closes with velcro in the back.

A sculpted matching bow pin that can be worn in the hair, at the back of the skirt. You can manipulate it more if you like.


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