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Buttercup Yellow Micro Petticoat



100% starched cotton

Handwash only if absolutely necessary. These petticoats are starched and sculpted. Email me directly, if you need help in reshaping.

Doll, torso stand, any other clothing in additional pictures are not included. Clothing sold separately.

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The buttercup yellow cotton micro petticoats. They really have been a challenge and an obsession to construct just the right way. They are cut in a complete circle for the best fullness under the skirt. I have had to raise the price a little, due to the difficulty in making these little layering beauties. The micro petticoat has an elastic waist. These petticoats are intended for layering and having fun with the variations. New colors are available now and more will come in the future. This color is sooooo wonderful!


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