Creative Nomad

In case you didn’t know. SqueakyMonkey has taken to the road and creating unplugged with solar power! I will be traveling around the western part of the United States and creating in nature with the power of the sun! Shipping can be a bit delayed as I am often in the middle of nowhere and most of my internet access is just my phone. Sometimes, there isn’t any cell reception. I try not to stay in areas where I can’t be reached by email.

Please remember that I am only one person and I do the best I can. I am working in different conditions these days, no 1300 square feet! More like 20 (a challenge). SqueakyMonkey started in a studio apartment in Hollywood, California in 2003! That was small!!!

Find me on Instagram and follow along. Since I am a lone female traveler, I need to keep my exact current location private. ❤️❤️