Dearest Vanessa – Tea Stained Ivory

Dearest Vanessa was found in a footlocker in an abandoned warehouse along the Thames. A dress with a soul of her own and stories to tell. How could such a dress be left behind in a place like this and who was the special dolly that it belonged to? The only clues to the mystery is a letter left behind which begins with “Dearest Vanessa”.

Let’s start with the tulip shaped pinafore corset bodice that hugs the torso like a glove. The neckline is very special on this dress with a gorgeous lace that is reformed into a sensual overlay that covers the chest and flows up over the shoulders. It’s so beautiful! A delicate tiny bow is centered on the chest.

The textured striped ivory fabric is a heavier weight fabric that retains its shape and doesn’t require a petticoat for fullness. The attached skirt is an amalgamation of previous ideas. The base fabric is cut longer in the back and it also has a trio of gorgeous gathers that create a wonderful depth to this little work of art and has a lovely laced hemline (lace may vary slightly) and is dipped in tea. The dress closes in the back with a tiny zipper.

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