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New Design will be coming soon!

I have been doing small runs of jeans and tees and finishing up other things since my accidents. I did tear my rotator cuff and it’s not going to repair itself. :( Not looking forward to another surgery, at least this time it will be outpatient and I won’t have to be in a sad and dark hospital room. I hear good things about recovery time and I spoke with my doctor about my needing to be able to sew and he thinks I can do it, as long as I don’t do windmills with my left arm. 😉 Surgery is scheduled for June 11th. I hope to squeeze in this new design that I have in my head before then and have a few made and ready to ship.

Status: Some tees have been shipped. Second batch of jeans will be shipping next week along with remaining Squeaky tees. I also plan to ship out the stray bits and pieces left over as well. Wish me luck!!! I’m planning for everything to be finished before my surgery on June 11th.

I received the fabric today that I had to order for the Ivory Plissé Skirts and it’s WHITE not IVORY! I have loads of white and don’t need anymore. This adds a delay to the skirts that I was eager to finish up. I really hope the retailer will remedy this problem ASAP!!!!


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