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These sets have taken more time than I planned for. I am working hard to get them finished and onto something a little less complicated like JEANS! Just a wee bit less complicated… Jeans pre-0rders will be opening next week for May production. Squeaky Distressed Jeans are pretty sweet! I will be working out patterns for Pure Neemo S, Pure Neemo XS (boy and girl), Jerry Berry dolls and all the others I’ve made patterns for in the past.

UPDATE April 3, I’m not as behind as I felt I was. Looking at everything now that my space is clean, I have a lot prepped and ready to go. I can’t wait to see all of these tiny creations out in the world! Yay!

I’m going to have to do these 2 sets in 2 batches. I have to get more trim from Japan. I had no idea these sets would be so popular and I thought I had enough trim. I’ll be getting started on everything pretty much, but trades and payment plans will have to be finalized a little later in the schedule to make it not so overwhelming of a “to do list”. I truly apologize for being slow getting really going, I never dreamed I would be so hurt over my poor Kenner.

Pictured: Blouse, Corset, Micro Skirt, 2 micro layering petticoats, micro bloomers, and stockings.

Pictured: Blouse, Corset, Micro Skirt, 2 micro layering petticoats, micro bloomers, and stockings.

I have piles of stuff in front of me to organize in my clean cutting room and have gone back through my production book and made 2 lists. I’m grateful for trades with other artists and do take them seriously. It’s really fun!

blouse, corset, micro skirt, 2 brown micro petticoats

blouse, corset, micro skirt, 2 brown micro petticoats

My interpretation of Kukula’s “Lena & Mira’s Last Days of Autumn”

I have been obsessively perfecting this set for a month. Last night, it finally came together.

For the complete look, you will need to order:

1 blouse
1 under bust corset
1 skirt
2 white micro petticoats
1 white micro bloomers
1 white stockings with trim

The set is intended to be interchangeable with other items in your dolly’s wardrobe. You have the option of purchasing the entire set or just particular pieces.

At 9am Arizona time, the new set will be available for pre-order. Here is a link to World Clock time.

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If you aren’t familiar with her beautiful work, here is the painting and it links to her gallery.


Will you be mine, Valentine?


To celebrate this special day, I have made available the pink and tea Melancholy Dearest and Melancholy Rose dresses for late February production. This will be the last production of the Melancholy series for awhile as I will be moving in other design directions.  Don’t miss out on your girls chance to own one of these exquisite creations.

I am happy to make the dresses for other dolls, just ask. I am currently working on an iMda 3.0 pattern modification. Besides neo-Blythe and Kenner, I have Misaki, Momoko, Middie, Pure Neemo S, Pure Neemo xs, Barbie, Susie Sad Eyes, Odeko, and Monster High dolls in the house.

In March, I am planning to do a batch of distressed jeans. I am excited to create a pattern for the Pure Neemo bodies. Dolls that I can make jeans for include: neo-Blythe, Kenner, Erin, Misaki, Momoko, Middie, Pure Neemo S, Pure Neemo xs, Barbie, Susie Sad Eyes, Odeko, and Monster High dolls. If you have a doll that you want jeans for, you can send me a body for fitting, and it will be returned to you with her jeans. Please fill out the form below the picture to send an email to me so you don’t miss out.

SqueakyMonkey Distressed Jeans

SqueakyMonkey Distressed Jeans

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have a lot to be thankful for. I do hope everyone enjoys some quality time with friends and/or family. Please don’t support businesses in the USA that make people work on Thanksgiving and create really bad holiday energy by making it all about clobbering each other to get a deal. Support independent artisans and your local mom and pop stores!

I’ve made a lot of progress and shipped quite a few orders today. I am going to take the day off to clean up after the creative tornado that has been through my space! Wow! Moving onto Midnight Orchid dresses this weekend. After that, I am doing a very small run of Black Lenore dresses.

OK! Signing out!

Happy Birthday, Grandma. I wish you were still around to celebrate. Miss you…





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